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Sailor Moon's American Dream
The beginning of my Usagi-goes-to-the-USA cycle. The only place to find what's left of it is on, where there are six more stories posted under "Tom Sewell", and here, the only place you can find "Eight, Almost Nine", the last Sailor Moon story I wrote.
  1. Beri Big
  2. Badger Game
  3. After the Badger
  4. Amazons
  5. Aliens
  6. Catfish Walk
  7. Featured Attractions
  8. Good Old Fred

When I wrote it, 2009 was in the future, so there will be things that did not come to pass. But this is set in a Sailor Moon universe, after all, so of course it will have differences in history, technology, possible hair-and-eye colors for Japanese besides black/black, etc. I deliberately wrote this as a stand-alone story because I didn't have access to my own computer; believe it or not, this was entirely written and posted from public-access computers in various public libraries.

The Milk of Demon Kindness
Usagi & Co. do make cameo appearances in "The Year of the Rabbit", but this is really an Oh! My Goddess! fanfic, centered on Skuld and the demon Mara. I haven't wrapped it up yet.
Stuff for a roleplaying background developed in two GDW games, Twilight 2000 and 2300 AD, which share a fictional timeline.

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